Web Generator (For blogs or affiliate links)

Advertise your website or blog to real humans and pay them to browse it for at least 30 seconds.

Price Per Visit:

0.2 TRX (0.007 USD)

Estimated Reach Per Day:

50,000 visits

How it works?

ClickBee is a Telegram bot that is used by hundreds of thousands of people to earn TRON tokens by completing simple tasks. You can advertise your own site video and pay others to browse it. Our clickers must visit your site and browse it for at least 30 seconds to claim their reward.

How to start?

Go to @ClickBeeBot on Telegram to create your ad. Then enter the number of visitors you want to get, paste your site URL, and type an appealing title + description for your campaign. Now sit back, relax, and watch the visitors come pouring in.

Are these visitors real?

Yes. This is a croud-sourced platform that's used by real humans from all over the world - The bot monitors all clicks constantly to make sure we maintain the quality of traffic..

Let's start with the simple way to pass your message to over a million Telegram users.