Best Tools For Telegram Channel Admins

This is a great article for business owners or affiliate marketing enthusiasts; Telegram allows you to have a channel with virtually unlimited number of members and allows to post links or any other content; unlike Facebook.
You can use telegram to grow a community for your brand, or to simply promote click bank products!

Here are some bots/apps that can help you on your journey.
This bot can add buttons to your Telegram posts. It is possible to add inline buttons to your videos, images, GIFS, etc. You can even save posts for future use.

This is my favorite one! It will help you find images from google and post it on your channel or group without ever leaving Telegram. Go to your channel and type @Pic and your keyword. For example, @Pic ClickBee.

Do you want to get an opinion about any topic from your audience? Vote bot makes it possible to post anonymous or public polls. If a poll is anonymous, voters usernames will not be displayed publicly.

ClickBee is a bot that pays people to join Telegram channels or to watch ads. You can get thousands of real members to your channel using this bot, or simply use it to earn money by joining channels, groups, or bots.

As the name suggests, you can build bots with menus, submenus, and even a referral system. You can use it to sell your products and even accept automated payments in different currencies. This awesome tool can be used by affiliate marketers to organize all your links systematically.

TForwarder Android App
This one is an android app, but I feel its necessary to include it in this article. It can forward content from other telegram channels to yours; without you being an admin there. Although it is a paid software, they allow 100 posts per day for free. You can use this as a cryptocurrency signal aggravator, or even a news channel. TIP: @ThriveNews posts a lot of cryptocurrency-related news, and @Funny posts short funny videos regularly.

Want an HTML code for your text thats formatted on telegram? This bot can do just that! Forward any bold or italic text to the bot, and get an HTML code for it immediately. This tool is useful when you own a website; as you will find yourself typing most of your content on telegram. (If you know what I mean;)
You can write articles without registering an account, and save them in the cloud indefinitely. This is why I love Telegram.

This bot can be used to update the thumbnail, title, and description of any link on telegram instantly. Just forward the website or channel link to the bot to update the preview for Telegram.

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