How To Grow My Telegram Channel From Scratch? 7 PROVEN WAYS

In 2018, Telegram had a user base of 200 million, with 500,000 new sign-ups every day. A lot of businesses around the world now use Telegram to connect with their clients or to even get new clients. The reason is obvious: High engagement rates and the growing popularity of Telegram. Today the most popular Telegram channels have more than 5 million subscribers. But how to grow your channel to this large scale?

Here is how you can grow your Telegram almost instantly. TRIED & TESTED

Invite Your Friends
Telegram allows adding up to 200 members from your own contacts. But your friends might not appreciate this. You can still send a private message asking your friends to join your channel. Some good networking can boost 200-300 members in your channel within a few days.

Promotion on Social media
Social media is a great free tool to get some quality traffic almost instantly: share your links on Quora, Facebook Pages, Instagram, or even TikTok. Use your own communities, create new ones, or ask small influencers to help you.

Get Listed on Telegram channel catalogs
Another way to get members for your channel or group is by listing your channel in free catalogs. There are a number of websites you can get a listing on. Tgstat is one such directory.

Make A Referral BOT
Reward your community for inviting people to your channel or group. Create a bot that will pay people in crypto or any other currency for every person they invite. Services like MenuBuilderBot on telegram can help you to create a bot without coding.

This is basically a member exchange agreement between two admins/owners. You can try finding channels similar to your niche and talk to the admin about cross-promotion. Make sure to look for channels of the same size as yours.

Paid Promotion
The idea is to find some active channels and pay the owner to post your content there. The price you pay will depend on the number of hours you want the advert to be posted, and the size of that channel.

Use ClickBee BOT
This is a service that pays people to join your channel or to visit your links. This is by far the best way to grow your telegram channel or group instantly. Hundreds of thousands of people use ClickBee to earn money by joining channels or groups. You can pay them to join your channel too. Using this bot it is possible to get up to even 50,000 members to your channel in just one day!

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