Secret Strategy To Get Seen On Google

In this article, let us discuss a secret strategy that will help you improve your Alexa rank, and increase your visibility on search engines including Google. The final step alone can improve your Alexa rank considerably, without spending a lot of money.

I assume you have already submitted your website to google search console, and have verified the ownership.

• Optimized Structure
• CONTENT - More Is Better
• Build Quality Backlinks
• Send Quality Traffic

Optimized Structure

Having a good structure for your website is important as it helps Google and other search engines understand your content efficiently. Here are a few things you can do to increase the possibility of getting found on Google.

Title tags - The keywords that you want to target need to be at the beginning of your title tag. This will be displayed as the title of your google search results.

Meta description - Each web page should have one target keyword. And it should appear in the title tag and meta description.

Canonical tags - Search engines see and as two separate pages and might consider it as a duplicate content. This can lead to unexpected behavior and sometimes even negative ranking.

Headings and sub-headings - Google, sometimes uses your heading and sub-headings to create snippets that are displayed on top of the first search results page. A heading that includes your target keywords should help boost your SEO. "h1" must be used for the heading and sub-heading can be tagged using "h2" to "h6" headers.

Image alt and title tags - It is relatively easy to rank images on google as compared to articles and blogs. Including your target keywords in the alt description will definitely help your overall SEO. Visually impaired users hear your image alt while using screen readers. Alt tags are also displayed in place of an image if it fails to load.

Anchor text - The text that you use in between the "A" tags is called anchor text. This helps Google to understand the contents of the linked resource. It is always a good idea to link your internal articles on other pages on your site.

CONTENT - More Is Better

Recent Google update seems to be working in favor of sites that provide in-depth details on a particular topic. Longer and detailed articles that have a good performance score will definitely help your site rank higher in google search.

Before you begin to write, make a list of your top five competitors that rank on Google for the keywords you desire. Note down the topics, sub-topics, total words, and the total number of media files used.
Basically, your content should be better than your competitors, similar topics and subtopics, double the text, double the number of media files, etc. This should definitely give you an edge over your competitors.

Use this free content analyzer from SEOReviewTools to check the SEO score of your content.

How To Build Quality Backlinks?

Placing your link on a third-party website gives you a backlink from that site. Backlinks can be placed in between paragraphs, as a button, or even on an image. The domain authority(DA) of the third-party website should be higher than yours, to have a good impact on your SEO.

Just one or two backlinks from a high DA website is better than 100 low-quality backlinks. The best approach would be to research your competitor backlinks using this free tool from Dupli Checker.

It is important to include your keywords in the anchor text of your link while creating backlinks as it helps Google to understand your content. Anchor text is the clickable text that you see in a hyperlink. For example, in the link below, "buy traffic to my website" is the anchor text.
Link: buy traffic to my website

Types of backlinks;
• No-Follow - This is when the host domain website adds the no-follow attribute to your link, thereby instructing the search engine crawlers not to lend credence to the backlink.
• Do-Follow - This is when the "A" tag is used without the no-follow attribute. A no-follow backlink on a website with good DA, with the right anchor text, will massively improve your SEO.

Here is a site to get free a do-follow backlink (DA 30)

Send Quality Traffic

This is the most crucial step of the entire process. Sending a massive amount of visitors will definitely improve your global Alexa traffic rank, thereby increasing your profit from marketing. It is also necessary to have good bounce rates, anything less than 50% is considered to be a good rate.

But the question is, how do you pay for the traffic and also get good bounce rates? We have developed a Telegram bot that pays its users to click on links or to watch ads. This is a unique paid-to-click system that sends real and unique humans to any link you want and with a bounce rate of less than 30%. Price per 10,000 visitors is $80, and visitors are paid only if they browse your site for a fixed period that is set by you. This method is safe even if your website is monetized using AdSense, as the visitors are not forced to click on your links. These are normal humans from around the world, and will even make a few purchases if they get motivated. Sending 10,000 visitors per day, for a week, should get massive improvements to your Alexa rank and will kickstart your journey with google!

ClickBee bot will definitely improve your brand, as your website will be seen by thousands of people around the world. At the time of this publication, our database has over 276,000 active human clickers and is growing at a steady rate of 3000-7000 new people per day.

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