Tips To Maintain A Telegram Channel (Guide For Admins)

User left the channel . . . .

What does that mean for you??
Your hook had better be good and quick. Otherwise, your members are not going to stay.
Here are seven tips to improve the daily attendance of your Telegram channel.

1 – Bulk Advertising, Will destroy your channel
Sending a huge number of paid promotions or other adverts annoys most people.
Try to limit your ads to keep the attention of your members.
Recommended: 2-5 posts per day

2 – Publish Attractive Content
One good post worth much more worth than a hundred bad ones. Take your time to research your content before you send it to thousands of people on your channel.
Try to provide content that's valuable to your viewers.

3 – Publish At Right Time
Try to be consistent with the timings of your posts. Post at a specific time during the day to keep the attention of your members. Too early or late at night posts may make them leave.
Suggested time to post: 11 am - 10:30 pm (local time)

4 – Do not Publish Long Texts, Telegram Is Not Book!
In general, your posts should include just what's necessary. Telegram members tend to get bored to read long texts with no emojis or symbols.
If for some reason you have to post something longer, use to create instant view blog pages which can then be posted on your channel.
Here's an example.

7 – Use polls to encourage interaction
Audience poll is a great way to interact with the members of your Telegram channel. You could use polls to simply see if your members are active, or ask them any questions.
For example, you can ask the members which country they are from. The poll should have a few options like the US, UK AU & OTHER.

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